Matchbox, Lego, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Donald chewing gum, Nutella – about all these we were dreaming when we were kids. We grew up in 70. and 80. last century in Poland. Our country was controlled by the Soviet Union. All stuff from west we were able to buy only in special shops called Pewex. You have to pay $ there and it was really expensive.

But for us, children at that time, it was magic time, because all we wanted to have we had to build it our own. If somebody got soviet toy, polish cassette player or something electronic from east Germany he was hero in backyard. It’s been several years we are collecting stuff from past communism age (Poland, Eastern Germany, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union). Toys, newspapers, kitchen stuff, music and photo equipment – all great things. That’s why we’ve create http://www.bufetprl.com.

We want to share this things with You and get Your comments about it. All we show here are at our house (its getting smaller and smaller). All are in use and we are able to borrow them to some photo sessions etc. Please let us know if You want to read about our stuff in English. Should we write about our magic things in English? Are there anybody who would like to know more? If yes maybe we will be able to do that!

So, we are waiting for Your mails and of course we are sorry for so bad English.

Now You can see one of our treasures in use, enjoy!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. nawet nie zagrałem a się wkręciłem gapiąc się jedynie! to chyba kwestia wspomnień. Pozdrawiam Bufeciarzy.

  2. Andrew Golota pisze:

    to jest coś pięknego

  3. Pozwoliłem sobie pożyczyć Wasze zdjęcie przy wpisie podejmującym zbliżoną tematykę: http://blog.xixi-studio.pl/?p=1197#more-1197. Opisałem je, mam nadzieję, że nie macie nic przeciwko 🙂 BTW fajna strona!


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